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Paul Binks and Ian Sumner Founders of Real Wealth

paul and ian

We both were fed up with the everyday doom and gloom around the world, and we wanted to do our bit to make a difference.

For a bit of background, Paul obtained his Doctorate of Clinical Psychology at the University of Oxford, and Ian obtained his Masters degree in Cognitive Neuroscience at Harvard University.

Ok, so that may not be quite true.  

Although Ian has actually helped in a study into cognitive neuroscience at Harvard University by being a test subject, Paul has never even been to Oxford!

However, we are both students of the real world and have been studying how the world really works, along with  internet businesses nearly full time since 2009, which we feel is far more relevant and useful!

We also each have very powerful and personal reasons why we believe everyone should have the opportunity and be encouraged to follow their dreams and to become all they can be.  You will find more on these reasons in our personal bios.

We do feel at this point that we may need to apologise for some of our humour that you will find in amongst the articles on our sites, but we decided not to…

We just wish you strength and hope you find a few ways to smile throughout the day!

So, where did it all start?

Separately, we found that our lives were not as rewarding as we would like.  We each found that our lives were a continuous rat-race of working, getting paid, paying the bills, and doing it over again, whilst finding little time to do the things we really wanted to.

We have learned the reason why we, and so many others feel that their lives are one continuous rat race!  This has lead us into understanding how almost everyone’s wealth is at risk, and there are things we can do about it!

The most practical solution for the ordinary person involves Gold.  As more people come to understand this, there are more and more businesses starting up, both educating and selling Gold products.  Some good, some bad!

We both found ourselves in the same ‘Gold’ business and this was where we first got talking!

Two Conclusions

As you will learn in our individual bios we had each come to the same two significant life conclusions.

The first was as a response to the state of the world economy, and the pressures of trying to keep any conventional job, we each realised it was a good idea to set up our own businesses on the internet.  We would at least get the rewards for our efforts and we would not be at the same risk if we were to lose our main incomes unexpectedly.

The second conclusion was that the world is in such a financial mess that there is only one inevitable outcome, and it isn’t a nice one!

We are both very positive people so rather than getting upset about what we found, we started looking for solutions.  Initially for ourselves, and then for ways that we could help others.

Luckily there is one easy solution by which anyone could create their own insurance policy, and it is based around owning real Gold.

Finding a legitimate opportunity

In investigating the opportunities on the internet, we learned that it is full of, not only people deliberately setting up scams, but far more people trying to set up a legitimate internet business, but actually selling stuff that does not live up to its promises!

Another thing we learned was that probably 98% of people do not have what it takes to put a serious internet business together. Many internet marketers will tell you differently but they themselves know the failure rate…

It was important to each of us that we got involved with legitimate businesses selling legitimate products that would serve a real need.

Our first serious project

This lead us to join a global referral business selling Gold related products.  Our team leader was a fairly capable marketer and quickly built a main team of around 60 people.

This leader had a number of personal challenges going on at the time, and started to lose focus on the business, resulting in lack of direction.

Our second serious attempt

With the lack of leadership, one of the team contacted a number of the pro-active members of the group, and a result, ten of us broke away to create a fresh team.

There was a considerable amount of passion in this team and an amazing diversity of backgrounds and skill sets.

Working against us though was the leader, who, although he brought a number of useful skills himself, gradually destroyed the business from within, with his need to control everything!

We would not criticise either of these two leaders or the other team members as they taught us a lot about how to do things and how not to do things!  They were also instrumental in bringing us together, for which we are grateful!

During this time we also had to walk away from the original business for reasons that affected our core beliefs… honesty and integrity. Very poor communication, and incorrect data in our accounts was just not acceptable to us and to our customers.

Third time lucky!

After the second group fell apart, Ian encouraged six of the ten to carry on regardless of our past experience, and again we were underway.

It was during this time that the Wealth Preservation Society or WPS was born.  The original plan was to offer a diverse range of Gold related products, information and strategies.  We have broadly kept to this plan, but we hope you will find that we have simplified things by offering one simple strategy.

We had learned in the previous teams that not everyone has what it takes to persevere.

Due to other projects and commitments competing for their time, four of the remaining six started to drift away from the group.

This left just the two of us!

This could imply that we have managed to scare the others off, but we are all still friends, and we believe there are no hard feelings!

Why it seems to work

The pairing appears to have worked well, as amongst a number of other strengths, Ian is very good at getting projects started, and staying motivated when there’s nothing to go on.  Paul is very good at finishing a project, staying motivated as the project nears its initial completion.

We seem to work well together as we are both very good at listening, and fully appreciate each other’s contribution, although Ian probably does 90% of the talking!

Both of us have stayed determined to never give up, and to initially provide a number of products of real value.

Once you have joined, we see it as our mission to provide you with further value that will not only make you want to remain a member, but will leave you wanting you to recommend us to everyone you know!

We are so passionate about providing you with education to help you take back your power that Ian has survived with no income for the last two years and Paul has spent almost every waking minute after a full-time job helping to build this business.

We are serious and you can be confident that we are here for the ‘long haul’!


We have faced a number of significant challenges on the way.  Every twist and turn seems to show up another obstacle that we have had to overcome, but we have faced them all with a “we can sleep when it’s done” mentality!

Our vision has grown!

On the plus side, we now have a very clear vision for this business.  We believe in the near infinite potential within you, and we believe that we can inspire you to find it!  This is our strength and we look forward to producing more and more value and inspiration!

With this in mind, we have continued to work on WPS whilst evolving the larger vision.

In numerous conversations between us we have learned that although we have significantly different backgrounds and current lifestyles, we have the same vision for the business.

The vision has grown from just financial wealth preservation to more fundamental real wealth preservation.  We believe that real wealth is to be found in health, love and happiness, honesty, integrity and feeling as though you are in control of our own lives…

What you will find

Our aim is to provide you with real opportunities, to inspire and encourage you to become all you want to be, and to follow your dreams. To help you, we have deliberately packaged our knowledge into small and easy to read sections.

To present this information, we have created three sister sites, all under our main Brand of ‘Real Wealth’.  These are:

The Health Preservation Society or HPS, which is about all aspects of health, both mind and body.

The Wealth Preservation Society or WPS, which is about financial wealth

And the Self Preservation Society or SPS, which is aimed at helping you to find who you really are, and to gain further understanding of why other people may appear to have a different view of the world.


The SPS is a free membership site, and we intend to keep it that way!

We created SPS with the intention of helping you find the answer to the question ‘Who are YOU?… Really?

With this in mind, the site is centered around dreams and passions, heart and soul.

All three sites are of equal importance to us, as we all know that life is easier when you are healthy, and removing unnecessary stress from financial worries, is not only is good for your health, but helps clear the mind for you to see your dreams and potential!

That said, if we were to choose our favourite site, where our real passion lies, this is the one.  Just imagine how amazing the world could be if more of us were to follow who we really are, and be more accepting of others…

You will learn that in life we only really have 2 fundamental choices.  To lead or to follow, and to chose whether we want to increase our knowledge to help with that choice…


Like the SPS, the HPS is also a free membership site, and we intend to it that way too!

This HPS is about mind and body, how you fuel it, and how you maintain it.  Recognising what makes us ‘tick’, and how the society we live in has taught us to become rather helpless!

We so much want to encourage you to take responsibility for your own life, and wellbeing.

You will learn about how the mind is the key to all your health issues, and why both your mind and body, are equally critical to the quality of your life.

SPS and HPS are free!  Why do we charge for the WPS

We believe it is the right of everyone to have access to knowledge about the core aspects of health, as well as the knowledge about who they really are.  Also by understanding what makes other people ‘tick’ we believe it can help reduce the negative effects of people having differences of opinion!

One of the earliest  decisions we made was that the WPS would be the only site where we charge membership.  This was for a number of reasons which include:

The value of the information can be very easily understood in monetary terms.

We need to pay for some of the information sources we follow, and we intend to add high end expert interviews and so on.

We want to help members create an easy and almost totally passive income stream by simply spreading the word.  By charging  for membership, we have the money to give away to you via our Partner Program.

We want to give our full attention to the Real Wealth group of sites, and to do that, we need an income!

A few thoughts that have inspired us along the way…

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

– Mother Teresa

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”

– Joel Barker

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

– Ghandi

“Follow your dreams,  for as you dream, so you shall become.”

– James Allen

Take back your power

As time has moved on, we have become clear about our vision.

Our own inspiration, which we would like to share with you, comes from just a few words…

You do have a choice

You can settle for less, or

You can take back your power!

Our vision has continued to grow, and to help you take back your power, we have now also created the Authentic Business Directory.  You can learn more about it here.


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